Larry Crist

John Dillinger Lives

unlike Elvis
unlike J. Edgar
unlike little Melvin Purvis
who watched that night
outside the Biograph
where Manhattan Melodrama with Clark Gable played
waiting for J.D. to exit arm in arm with the lady in red
Anna Sage
who was supposed to set him up
but maybe she was setting up the FBI
maybe J.Edgar was setting up the American people
Gee man, it wouldn't have been the first time
would it?

Whomever they shot outside that theatre
and photographed on the slab
had brown eyes
Dillinger's were blue
The FBI explained the altered physiognomy
had occurred through plastic surgery
but none of J.D.'s documented scars were on the cadaver
who was shorter and heavier and had a rheumatic heart condition
which would have prevented him from being in the navy
or playing minor league baseball
or leaping over bank counters
Only the prints
as provided by the FBI
lined up

Only four months before this staged execution
J.D. had escaped maximum security using a bar of soap
carved to look like a pistol
J.Edgar's lace panties were in a wad

Do you suppose just maybe
crime did pay
and that J.D.
the most successful bank robber of all time
got away just like he said he would
caught up with Butch & Sundance
leaving D.B. Cooper somewhere to follow
and if so
whose massive member is that anyways
in that jar of formaldehyde
that lives in the basement of the Smithsonian
that J. Edgar used to like to dress up for
wearing stockings and heels and a modest veil
so he wouldn't look like a common whore
and that he'd spend evenings with
those nights Clyde was out of town
or the 6 or 7 presidents who employed him
who, as time went by
were less apt to ask
J. Edgar
what have you done for us lately?